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  • Elena Gilbert, TVD Novels (via reginaxumbrae)

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  • "And she had been born to love Stefan; she knew that! Once, he’d been willing to marry her. Well, since then she’d been a vampire, a spirit, and a new incarnation dropped from the sky, and she could hope that one day he would be willing to marry the new Elena, too."
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    Alfonso Ribeiro brings back the Carlton on Dancing With The Stars

    say what you will but:

    #1: The Carlton was a staple of the 90s.

    #2: Mofo can dance. 

    fucking adorable

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  • For me… Steferine Datherine Stelena Bamon and Defan will always be the only Journey in TVD… EPIC <3


    I don’t know how fans or producers can’t see the beautiful concept hidden behind these 5 OTPs… for me they are the Beauty of TVD <3







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    Honestly.. this one hurt way too much..

    Stefan & Elena - Blood, Tears & Gold


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  • May 10th, 1994.
    I Feel like it’s the same shirt.
    Damon is wearing his brother’s shirt.

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  • Paul Wesley attends the Music Lounge Pool Party at Coachella 2014

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    Do you ever think about the future? What do you see?

    You. I see you.

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